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Poll: Which video card?

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Thread: Radeon Choices.....

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    DarkRose: If you're looking to overclock, then I would suggest that you consider GeIL's new GT2 Radeon 9800 Pro card which also
    has considerably higher clock speeds, when compared to ATI's Radeon 9800 Pro reference model 445/740MHz vs. 380/680 MHz.
    The Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 Pro is a quality card (design, build and aesthetics), but it's not the greatest overclocker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benny_mankin
    Sapphire Atlantis are good, despite the fact they're built on 9700 PCB. But some prefer to get sapphire 9800NP instead (save another 50) and flash it to 9800pro. If ur going to OC the atlantis would be a better choice since it has better memory (samsung 2.8 as opposed to 3.3 on 9800np).
    BUT, if ur going to seriously OC, then save some more and get those suggested above (I'd say HIS excalibur are the best, out of the box u can OC the core to 450-470--hercules can't beat that :) )
    The Atlantis is a full fledged 9800 Pro. The one that uses the 9700 PCB is the 9800 "Pro Lite" that sells for $50 less.

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    Huh? Oh yea I mean that :p
    I thought Atlantis are the ones built on the black PCB :laugh:

    carry on.. carry on... :)
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    Think I've narrowed it down to 4 chouices, all 128 mb Radeon 9800 Pros,
    Gigabyte 9800 Pro
    GigeCube 9800 Pro
    Sapphire 9800 Pro
    Powercolor 9800 Pro

    This card probably won't be overclocked that heavy, I've just not had the time to research which uses what memory, etc.... all of these fall in the $300-$325 range at... Game VE I believe...
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    All 9800 pro's use samsung 2.86ns mem as far as I know.

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    Go with the Sapphire or the Gigabyte, I've heard good things about them..
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