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Thread: Best Mid/upper echelon video card?

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    The holiday season is rollin' quick, and I'm starting to get pissed with my gaming rig . No wonder, just look at my sig, all hardware 1 year + old. I'm looking at a processor(I'll leave this to a different thread) and vid card upgrade. But, unfortunately I have been "out" of the loop for about 6 months. So here's the million dollar question: What is the best mid range/upper level video card I can get? Keeping in mind good bang for the buck and something that will last awhile - I feel I never should've bought my Ti4200 8x agp. It wasn't all that quick to begin with, and I probably would have been happier if I just bought the slightly more expensive Ti4400 for the small difference in cost, and big performance gain. Barring this in mind I game alot, like nice image quality, non quirky hardware/drivers, and probably most important like to run games in 1024x768 full detail w/ anistropic filtering and AA if possible. It's alot to ask, but anyones 2 cents are welcome and greatly appreciated!

    ~Maybe I could find a 9700 Pro at a local store? :woot:
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    9700pro would be great for ya

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