My old man has a PC which is P4 1.7Ghz with GF2 MX400 and 256 mb. Not the fastest but sufficient for his usage and lot faster than his previous box (Celeron 400 :).

A while ago he got a Leadtek Winfast TV2000 capture card which works very well. He uses the software which came with it which is Winfast PVR.

A few days ago he decided that he'd like to watch TV stuff on a second monitor (a spare 15"). Since the MX400 (Hercules with only single CRT output) can't drive two monitors, the obvious thing to try is to put it a second card. Firstly, I tried S3 Virge but that didn't work, probably because of the drivers (I couldn't find new W2K drivers anywhere only NT). So I tried Voodoo 3 2000 PCI and installed ok and worked ok. That ism you could watch TV on the second monitor.

The problem is (unless its some software or OS settings I got wrong) that the card is too slow, even at 640x480. There are a lot of skipped frames and speech is out of sync (which is really obvious when you watch news).

So the obvious solution is to get a new video card with twin monitor support. I decided on Gigacube (or whatever they are called now) Radeon 9200SE. The software for multiple monitors ATI is called Hydravision.

The question is, does it support video overlay (which is the output window from Winfast PVR) to be displayed on the 2nd monitor?

The reason why I'm asking is that a while back I was running two monitors on my box (it has Leadtek Ti 4200 Vivo) and it wouldn't display the PVR window on the second monitor (complained something about not being able to do overlay output on secondary device or something like that).