SINGAPORE — NOVEMBER 14, 2003 — NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that workstations armed with NVIDIA Quadro® FX 3000 graphics solutions won all six professional application tests within the latest Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) Viewperf 7.1.1 benchmark suite. Designed to measure graphics performance on key professional software applications such as 3DStudioMax, Pro/Engineer, and Unigraphics, the benchmark results show that NVIDIA Quadro FX-powered workstations won all application tests for the top three spots on this assessment suite. Viewperf 7.1.1 is available at:

“Fact-based benchmark results from unbiased sources such as SPEC help engineers, digital artists, and scientists make informed purchasing decisions on professional graphics solutions,” said K B Ng, marketing director at NVIDIA Asia Pacific. “Taking the top-spots in all Viewperf application tests is a testament to NVIDIA’s extraordinary people and intense focus on excellence. The results underscore our continued drive to provide professionals with the gold standard in workstation graphics.”

As evidence of the trust major computer manufacturers place in NVIDIA, seven of the 10 workstation graphics boards they submitted to SPEC for Viewperf 7.1.1 testing used NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics solutions. Critically important to manufacturers and professionals alike, all NVIDIA® graphics products use the NVIDIA® Unified Driver Architecture, a set of backward-and-forward, top-to-bottom compatible graphics drivers that optimize application performance, stability, and reliability. NVIDIA offers the broadest professional software application certification program in the industry.

Leadtek is NVIDIA’s distributor of Quadro cards in the Asia Pacific (excluding Japan).

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