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Thread: Nvidia Geforce2 64mb OC

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    Hey i know this is gonna sound stupid, but is there a way of overclocking a Nvidia geforce 2 mx/mx400 64 mb card?

    this would be very much appreciated....running win xp with p4 1.5 ghz 768 mb ram etc

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    Not stupid at all. I had a trusty little GF2MX card which served me well for a couple years.

    Simplest way is to download Coolbits, which is a simple registry modification that shows the clock and memory frequencies in the Display options, which you can change to your heart's content. Here's a link explaining everything (with download link) -

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    looks like we're basically in the same boat (so to speak) i o/ced my GF2MX and i got a whole whopping maybe 10-20 fps in 800x600x16 in UT2K3 :D every little bit helps tho ;)
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    i managed to get my Asus 32mb 7100-T (GeForce2 MX) from 166/175 i think it was to 200/200...performance increased dramatically....:)
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    Thanks guys im going to be upgrading my pc soon n e ways but im still gonna overclock this one.

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