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Thread: RDR ram and a DDR Video Card

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    Okay, I have an Alienware and it has 256mb RDR ram and I want to upgrade the video card from the 64mb that I have, to a 256mb video card. I was just wondering if i needed to find a card that supported the RDR memory, so far I have only found 256mb cards in DDR ram. Also, what video card would be the best. I'm looking for one for gaming. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money, but I don't want a piece of poo video card. And, I'm very new, but is an AGP card better than a PCI card??

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    im guessing there is not a problem between DDR-based video card and RDR system memory, but check.

    as for a card, the ATI 9600 XT Pro is quite good...i dont think you would want anything lower than a 9600 for a decent card.

    and yes, AGP is alot better than PCI. last time i checked, they only had Geforce2 MX's in a PCI format.
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    Yep, almost all modern videocard I know of use DDR memory, you wont have a problem mixing a DDR videocard and RDR system Memory. I also agree about the ATI 9600XT, as I'm looking into getting one myself. You can check the review for it here:TT Review

    Looks like its retailing around 200 bucks US currency. Not bad for that kind of performance and DX9 support *looks in disgust at his ti4200 with only 1.1 Pixel shader support*
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    Addijhaq ya won't be able to upgrade the memory on the video card itself (ya'll have to buy a new video card) and no video card that I know of uses RDRAM.

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