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Thread: saphire ati radeon 9600 vs asus ati radeon 9600

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    Whats everyones view upon these 2 graphics cards, if they were to compete which graphic card comes up as the best?

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    I bought a sapphire 9600 PRO from for about 150 bucks. Thought it was a great card to go with my 19" NEC/mistubishi 930sb... or so i thought. Then I turned on my comp one day to a horrible grinding sound. The cooling fan had gone bad. Sapphire offered me nothing for the card but a referal to whomever I had purchased the card from. Of corse newegg was awesome and payed for me to ship the card back to them and refunded my money and that was after 3 months. I bought an ATI brand 9800 Pro and ill never deviate from ATI again (unless for Asus).

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    I have a new Sapphire 9600xt 256, runs very fast and stable my system is oc to 3.06 on a P4 2.4B and if I use the oc on the 4.1 drivers the 9600xt goes from 499 to 526 rock solid stable (more room to oc there).:thumb:

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    I have a sapphire 9600 pro and i'm more then happy with it for price i paid canadian got a good deal was able to overlock from 400/300 to 454/342 if i had better airflow in my crap case i would able to get higher core but great card thumbs up. :blowkiss: :cheers:
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    I bought a sapphire 9600 pro 3 days ago i cant get the ******* to work right . On XP it works with medium hardware acceleration only and on 98SE it crapped out after updating catylist driver to 4.1 ive now tried 3.2 ,3.9, and 4.1 on xp and 98. I can play cs on xp but i cant change the controls or exit the game correctly and fps is ****e

    98 its totally rat**** i have a kt 400mobo and a 2000xp chip

    512 ddram2100


    yes i unstalled allvideo drivers first i did a full windows reinstall mbr and all b4 i palyed with the video card

    yes its plugged in properly

    and yes ive even tried knockin it back to 4x instead orf 8x
    MY 4200TI DIED :( im still in mourning!

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    Yeah, both are gret cards. I own the Sapphire 9600XT(580/640<340 DDR) and I love it. But I would get the Asus if you weren't on a the Sapphire 9600XT doesn't have a heat sensor:(
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