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Thread: 128mb or 256 mb 9600xt?

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    Hi i recently heard that both hl2 and doom3 now utilise more than 128mb's of on board ram? is this true? i have alwayz heard that there is no game at the moment that even utilize's all of the 128mb's of onboard ram. So am i better off getting 256mb gcard for the future even though the memory speeds on 256mb graphics cards run slower than on a 128mb.

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    The 256MB card will be more future proof as newer games and graphics software comes out that will exploit the larger amount of memory. The changes in video cards from 512KB-1MB, 1MB-2MB, 2MB-4MB, 4MB-8MB, 8MB-16MB, 16MB-32MB, 32MB-64MB and 64MB-128MB have all resulted in newer software usin' greater amounts of that onboard memory and I can't see that trend changin' any (and likely not this same question that's asked each time).

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