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Thread: Radeon 9100 Problem

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    Ok, a buddy of mine has an athalon 2000 xp with an ati radeon 9100. Recently, both his cpu and graphics card started overheating within a half an hour of turning on his computer. We fixed the cpu problem by reapplying the thermal paste between the cpu and the heatsink, but we are still having issues with the card.

    It will run ok if hes just using the internet of word, but it only lasts about 15-20 min when playing any recent game. (Vice City and Kotor). Eventually it overheats, the screen gets a bunch of colored vertical bars, and when we reach into the case, the card fan is blowing really hot air.

    Any ideas on what might be up or what we could do to fix it?

    p.s. the cpu's been underclocked, and we haven't touched the settings on the card

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    have you given it a good dusting recently?
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    Cleaning for dust could be a good idea, but you'd might want to try a number of other things, namely, moving the computer away from a closed space. If it's stuck in a corner surrounded by booksheleves or something, it may not be getting proper airflow. Getting a new case fan might also help you out.
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    I'm pretty sure that dust isn't the issue, it seems pretty clean. If I was to dust it however, is there anything in particular that I need to worry about? (besides static and water)

    As for airflow, we have his comp laying on its side with the side removed, and we have a desk fan pointing down at the card running full blast. So yeah, i doubt that that's it either.

    thanks for the suggestions though. Any others would be appreciated.

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    Did you check the application of the thermal grease on the card? Sometimes they can do a half ass job when they ship it out, and use will bring out the faulty heat solution. Get an alumina adhesive and reapply the heat sinks, making sure they are clean and theres nothing left over on them.

    I'm taking it this card isnt over clocked (if it is, that's probably the problem, you'll need to clock it down), but does it still have the warranty on it? If it does, RMA the sucker and get a new one. : peace2: Mista K6
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