Unless asus has recently redesigned 8 cards to be the next dx generation and somehow removed a dx generation from 1, or made some big mistakes, then they are also lying to everyone about their cards like h.i.s. does, but on a grander scale. Had a customer who was ripped off on an asus mx440 a few weeks ago that was misrepresented as dx8.1 by the ripoff store and backed up as dx8.1 by asus themselves and because of this the store will not refund his money on the basis that it is not a dx8.1 card. As we all know most of the public/industry sees dx8 and dx8.1 as the same thing making the store say"dx8 and dx8.1 are the exact same thing so no refund". They said this right to my face when I went there there to try to help the customer get his money back.

These guys are cooked. Or, are they just stupid. r7000 is a dx8 card and mx440 is dx7. The r7000 has dx8 environment bumpmaping, the feature that is missing from mx440 makeing it a dx7 part. This misleading seems to be a growing trend in the gfx industry.

The following links clearly state these lies, there is many more but you get the point.

asus r7000
asus gf4 ti4200, seems to be correct about it's dx version.
asus mx4000
asus v9180vs gf4 mx440 8x agp(this is the one he was burnt on)
asus v8170 ddr/t gf4mx440
asus gf4 mx420 64mb sdr

Judge for yourselves.