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Thread: should i buy today or wait??

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    its been one year and its time for me to upgrade my pc.

    2.4 gig p4 cpu
    1 gig ddr 333 ram
    radeon 9500 pro
    soyo px400 dragon lite mobo
    120 gig wd hdd + 160 gig wd hdd

    should i buy a radeon 9800 pro (im convinced i should get this card if i buy one) or should i wait for the new high end cards which i dunno when they are coming out since i have been hibernating under some rock for a long time.
    im bored of my r 9500 pro cuz it cant play some of the newer games with crisp visual awe.

    since im a struggling college student, im willing to cough up $250 at most.

    pls give me some advice you computer experts out there

    so should i buy now or wait a bit?

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    new ones coming out summer time IIRC.....but will be over $250......i would say go with the 9800...check for a deal....

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    nVidia card will Launch April 13/14 but will not be available for a bit.

    ATI should launch within two weeks of that and should have cards on the shelf within two weeks of it's launch. So hopefully come May we should have new cards to play with.

    For sub $250 go 9800 Pro. You might be able to fit a 9800 256 MB if you wait till the new cards hit the shelf but no game now or in the near future will take advantege of the extra memory. Buy the time they do you will probably want a new card anyway.

    In short, guess you should buy now.

    (Word is down so I can't spell check this sucker.)
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    If you get the 9800 pro, here's what I was going to get for my new comp when the money comes:

    If you want to save a bit more, a loss in core and memory speed wouldn't be unbearable ($180 for something unbearable :roll: ) with this 9700 pro:

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    Yeah, the 9800 Pro is a great card. I would highly reccommend it. But I would also reccommend a reformat after installing, as I saw not much performance increase until after I reformatted, after, I saw a world or difference between it and my 9600xt.
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