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Thread: Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 256mb to ATI All In Wonder 9700 Pro

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    I recently bought a new computer that has a Geforce FX 5600 with 256mb of RAM but find it is absolutely &#%$. I want to swap it over with the graphics card in my old computer which is an ATI AIW 9700 Pro with 128mb of RAM but I've heard there are big hassles with changing from Nvidia to ATI and vice versa. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to do to make the transition quick and smooth?

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    Well, I switched over without any problems at all. I went from FX 5200 to a 9600xt. I would reccommend a reformat though to get the best performance. But you could also uninstall all of ure drivers, then delete all Nvidia files/folders/reg files if reformat is out of question. It should work would either way, but I woul still reformat if its not a big problem.
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    New computer you say? If it has WinXP installed as the OS, then you're really in luck. Just uninstall the nVidia board within Device Manager and don't reboot when it prompts you to. Turn the system off and install the ATi board. When it boots up it will detect the new board and you can escape out of the driver prompt window. Run the executable driver files from ATi and you're finished. I have yet to have a problem under WinXP with differing video boards when following these steps.

    Oh, and if you are running Win9x, then you can hit up some place like www, and download an nVidia driver cleaner utility that works pretty good.
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