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Thread: CAN i flash BIOS on this card?

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    HI :D i was wondering if i can flash my bios for my Fx5900xt. Its made from Bfg and came over clocked thats my baby :D I have a realy small case but with 2 big fans that should fight off any unwanted heat. ohh and i would like to falsh it into a Fx5950 ultra. i already know that my card has difrent ram :cry: BUT i herd it can handle those clock speeds off this guy->

    "i just wanna say that i saw this posted on slashdot the other day. thanx everyone!! !!

    a few months ago, i had a GF4200 die on me, so when it did, i went out and got me the cheapest FX5900 i could find prettie much. i got the LeadTek A350-THD LX. it says on the site that the card has 2.8ns RAM, and the cards default RAM speed is 700mhz... that is sorta icky for a high performance card like this.

    i applied the LeadTek 5950 Ultra BIOS to this thing, and here is what i got out of it:

    3D-Mark 03

    just shy of 6k, but that would be easily enough gotten if i disabled some of my system services and other various things.

    so, considering i only had to pay about $117 for this card when my GF4200 died and they couldnt replace it with the same thing, i think its a damn good steal!! awexome performance now."

    I got that post off some site and i was thinking if my ram could hit those clocks????????????[/url]

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    You could try it but you'll likely screw it up as its a lowly XT for a very good reason.

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    It worked for me and for loads of other people mine was the leadtek 5900 lx version flashed it turned to a 5950ultra lost the tv-out function on the card though.
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    OHH! thats cool! Do you have the same type of ram found in my card or did yours come with better ram? Are you using stock factory cooling or did you upgrade it? I bet your realy happy with your card :D

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