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Thread: Problem with Ati Radeon 9600

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    I can't believe I missed that. : omg: :rolleyes2

    I still think your PSU is inadequate, but your operating system is definetely an issue.
    You can:
    Do the steps Microsoft has, which solves you problem, but is essentially the same thing as removing the extra RAM.

    Get a new operating system. Windows 2000 or Windows XP would be best. Here's Windows XP Professional for a good price: (must be purchased with hardware)
    (more expensive, but no other purchases necessary)

    Get Windows 98SE and download this service pack:
    It fixes the memory issue, along with many other things. Pound for pound, Windows 98SE is much better than Windows ME anyway. Faster; just as, if not more reliable; not as bulky; just better in general. It's actually faster than XP and 2000, but it takes more than a little effort to stabalize it. With that system, XP or 2000 would be better if you can afford it or already have it.
    Okay link for 98SE:

    Get the free 64-bit version of Windows XP:
    It only lasts for a year, and it may have bugs here and there. Drivers might not work as well and you might actually have slightly worse performance in some games. It will be faster outside of games, for the most part. I would suggest dual-booting this with 98SE, 2K, or XP. Just install the older OS first and the newer one after on a different partition to do so.

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    ME will also has a service pack there when its finished which is spose to address the same memory problem but whether it really does I can't say as I havn't tried it.

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