hey all,

I'm an owner of a Hercules AIW 9800SE.

It softmods (but I have to disable fast z clear in order to get rid of the black column artifcats..but thats fine with me)

My problem starts when I install any set of drivers for the second time.

Like for example, I installed the 4.1 wizzard drivers and they worked fine as a softmodded, but on a deletion and then reinstallation of those drivers some of the black column artifacts come back, each time i delete and reinstall they come back worse than before.

It seems the fast z clear only works the first time I install the drivers If i ever reinstall it just wont work again.

Its the same for other driver versions, 4.2 4.3 4.4 they all worked fine on their first installation I was getting amazing performance as a pro, but If I reinstall the drivers, bam the artifacts come back.

I've cleaned the registry as much as I can (with regclearner and driver cleaner) even in safe mode but I cannot for the life of me figure out what else to do. Now I'm gonna have to wait for the 4.5s before I can get it back again.

Its so frustrating knowing it works but that somethings preventing it through software.

Anyone have the same problem or know of a solution you would really be helping me out.


I think I have found the cause of the problem but for the life of me I don't know why it happens nor how to solve it.

No matter how much I try and erase all previous evidence of ATi on machine it keeps re-spawning itself so to speak.

For instance: using a gide on another site which is highly detailed. In did the following:

1. ran the ATi uninstall utility and then rebooted
2. ran driverr cleaner, searched for any ati*.* files myself and deleted them (there were loads, from other driver versions too)
3. went in the registry and deleted every ATi and currentcontrolset/video/{random key} I could find, also used regcleaner incase I missed any.
4. I then rebooted again and went into safe mode and did all of the above again just to make sure

I rebooted and went to install my drivers again, but because I was suspicious I checked again and all the ATi files had miraculously come back to life.

I'm seriously pissed off cos I cannot get rid of any evidence of ATI off my system.

As a test I went into windows\system32\ and deleted all ati .dll .ax files then I went into recycle bin and emptied it.....i then went back to the folder and they had come back...I hadn't even rebooted.

My card is constantly being detected as a 9800SE and asking for the drivers rather than a standard vga adapter....If I could stop this constant reforming of the ATI files I think I could solve my problem....pls someone I am desperate.