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Thread: Club 3D Radeon 9600P = bad overclocking?

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    Well I would like to know from your experience is 462/364 best I can get from

    this card.
    I got Athlon xp 1.4, 512 ddr etc. (who cares).
    I got Club 3D Radeon 9600 pro, 128 mb DDR (HY5DU28322 (Hynix memory)).
    I installed Catalyst 4.5, after that removed control panel and installed

    Omega 2.5.44. I used RADlinks and ATitools to get this value.
    Higher value = artifacts, 3dmark wont work.
    So please people am I missing something (I didnt customize BIOS, nor Omega

    panel). Please any suggestion on that issue?
    Should I spend money on DDR heatsinks or better heatsink+cooler for CPU?

    Can this Club 3D card overclock to nice valuses like 500+?
    Please help, post links for reading materials etc.

    Thank you & regards,

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    What u mean bad not every card is gonna get 500core most don't my Sapphire only gets to 459/342 any higher locks up .What kind ofscore uget in 3dmark03 and 3dmark02 se and aqaumark3. 8)
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    You could purchase a seperate heatsink or open up your case an aim a small fan at the card. The latter option got my 9800SE up to 337.5/162(324 effective) from 200/150(300).

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    Heatsinks dissapate heat, but I've personally not found them to really help in OCing the RAM at all. All IC's have a limit as to how high they can run, and this is regardless of what cooling you use. You might get an extra MHz or two out of it by adding RAMsinks, but not much. If the core isn't blazing hot, that's likely all your going to get out of it, unless you do some extreme modding (watercooling, volt mods, refridgeration, etc). Even then, that might only net a small gain.

    Overclocking comes down to luck.

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