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Thread: Budget vid card for a budget pc?

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    What ATI card would you all recommend? This is an older Athlon Tbird 1.33 system with 1gb ram. Right now it's got a GF MX4 64mb in it, but I want something that can give me a little more gaming power. I saw newegg has the ATI 9600XT for around $173, so I was eyeing that.

    Keep in mind that this pc won't get a whole lot of use, since it's one of my spare pc's at my parents' house. It'll get much use whenever I'm there, but I'm not there all that much... maybe once a month or so on a weekend. But now that I'm hooked on City of Heroes, I'll definitely be getting the money's worth out of the card while I'm there lol

    But while I'm on the subject, which is better, a GF3 for a 9600XT? I was thinking if the 9600XT is better than the GF3, then I'll replace the GF3 in my second system and put the GF3 in the spare at my parents'.

    Thanks all!

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    Depends on your PSU. If you have at least 350W (and a good brand), your money would be best spent on something like this 9800 Pro:
    It's pretty high-end for your system, but if you ever upgrade it's there for you.

    Otherwise, a 9600XT would be okay, but try to get a cheap one as it should have much less bang-for-buck than a 9700 Pro or 9800 Pro.

    If you want a card that would be more appropriate for that system, though(the newer cards are held back a lot by that system), look for a 9600 for aroung $100. I got one a while ago, and I was quite impressed by the performance, considering the price.

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