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Thread: in the market for a new card

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    Default in the market for a new card

    hey guys, i'm in the market for a card and am looking for advice opinions and even offers if you have a card for sale.
    I'm considering a radeon 9600xt 256mb or a 9800 128mb. I'm thinking of spending around 120-140 because i was hoping to get some better ram to. but if i have to i could spend around 170 or 180. i don't know what your are thinking right now but i'm thinking your are thinking where am i going to get a card for 120-140, ebay. so don't give me **** about where i'm gonna get a card for that price. all i need is nice helpfull suggestions or anything of the sort to help me out here.
    thanks a lot guys,

    josh estes

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    Default Re: in the market for a new card

    Don't get anything less than a Radeon 9800 Pro. The Sapphire 9800 Pro at Newegg is extremely cheap and will ship with 9800XT hardware, allowing you to flash it to a 9800XT (but leave it at Pro speeds unless you have good cooling and a replacement cooler for it). You can also just get any 9800 Pro at eBay like you said. Anything less than that will be no good. The 9600XT has basically become a low-end card.

    However, a much better choice would be the GeForce 6800, non-Ultra non-GT. It is more than twice as powerful as the 9800 Pro and you can get them for about $280 at Newegg and even less on eBay. If you can afford it, get that.

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    Default Re: in the market for a new card

    anything over 9800 get it off ebay
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    Default Re: in the market for a new card

    You could even get a 6800 GT pretty cheap off ebay. And the GT is the same as the Ultra except it has lower memory and clock speeds, but you could easily overclock it to ultra speeds.

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