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Thread: 9800pro power connector

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    Default 9800pro power connector

    hey guys, i just bought a ati 9800 pro 128mb video card. i was starting to instal it and going through all the steps and when it came to the part of connecting the card to the computers internal power supply or w/e i was unable to do it, there was no place to hook it up to. i have a bout a 1 or 2 year old dell 8200 pentium 4 computer. can any one help me out here, please.

    josh estes

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    Default Re: hope i didn't **** myself over

    You can get splitter cables to add more power connectors though I hope that your Dell's PSU is up to the extra load.

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    Default Re: 9800pro power connector

    try using y cord and connect it to the hdd. doesnt the manual say so?
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    Default Re: 9800pro power connector

    I had this same problem and yes the Dell PSU can handle it. I got the Molex splitter at a nearby radio shack for about 5 dollars. No problems, but good luck.

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    I own a 9800 pro and enjoy it very much. It has improved my gaming experience and fps. I to installed my vidoe card and have installed many before it. I am experiential in nature so when I got my card, I tore open the box and tossed the distruction (direction) and got to work. When I came to the power supply connection, I held my head in cunfusion and in shame picked up the box and distruction and read through them. All that said there are many tips and hints on your 9800 installation hidden in them. Most PC's are built with the minumum required watts to supply your PC with power. This is needed for cpu and cooling systems. That said most come with 200 to 250 watt power supplies. To run the 9800 one needs a power supply of 300 watts or higher to insure performance and cooling. It would be a good thing to find out if your Dell has the power supply needed to run the card. It is easy to find just go to Dells web page and suppport and log in your pcs model and serial number. There you will find the information on your PC and the power supply. If you have your pc open you can look at the power supply and look at the tag on it. There you can see the amount of watts it supplies. I am not sure how much you paid for your 9800 and PC but it is worth the extra minutes of effort. Taking advise from a stranger and $5.00 for a pig tail is a huge risk of loosing the whole thing or pay $50.00 for the right power supply (if needed). I will let you do the math but for me it was far cheaper to look into the matter and purchase another power supply. I purchased a 300 watt Antec model number ATX12V at best buy and it cost $50.00 pig tail for the video card included free

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