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Thread: 8500 equivelent in GeForce

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    Default 8500 equivelent in GeForce

    According to the game I bought I need a Radeon 8500 or above. What is that equivelent to in GeForce? I only have $100 to spend on a new card.
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    Default Re: 8500 equivelent in GeForce

    why do you want a Geforce, you can get a good Radeon for under $100.....
    Also check out your nearest Fry's Electronics Store or

    I recommend the Radeon 9200 or Kaser's 128MB with At Radeon 9600SE 3d Chip
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    Default Re: 8500 equivelent in GeForce

    Radeon 9200 sucks. You can probably find a Geforce4 ti4200 128mb around somewhere used for under $100.

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    Default Re: 8500 equivelent in GeForce

    Edit: Yeah, AMD's suggestion works out.

    Forget that...

    Just get a Radeon 9600.

    A 9200 or 9600SE would be wastes of money.

    Nice system, BTW.

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