Ok folks I've been up all night looking for a thread I read yesturday about how to find out which 9800 pro one has. Call me a moron but did not save as favorite or get the info. Can some one please tell me how and where to find the thread. It had pictures and mod verses unmodded 256 then 128 versions. I baught the first 9800 pro released a few years ago and trying to find out if I can mod it, overclock it or flash it. Augh my brain feels like it has been flashed lol. Or do I just bit the bullet Again and get another card. If so which one is best for my system. I am looking for high perfomance and high fram rates on RVS and ghost recon and americas army. I am currently getting 40 fps on all games and it fluxuates from highest.55 to 29 lowest. anyway my system is intel 3.06 hyper. Updated bios and chip drivers. 9800 pro 128mb with new ATI drivers. XP set to relaxe. 1gb ddr mem. 80 gig 7200 hard. Resolution at 600X800. All set on high for ATI I found it does not realy matter if it on perform or quility settings fps are the same on my PC. Cable connection. In conclusion I am looking for 1 write up on 9800 pro models. 2. Get another card over modding. 3. Which one will best fit my system. do I jump to the plate and get 800x or 9800x or jump ship and go with nvidia. 4. I want 140 frame rates like my buddy is getting with his new allien wear PC. No more cheesy 30 FPS.