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Thread: ATI Radeon™ 9600 SE?

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    Default ATI Radeon™ 9600 SE?

    Hi im new here and was just wondering if anyone here can tell me if a ATI Radeon™ 9600 SE GFX card is any good? right now i have a GF4 MX440 pure junk if u ask me but i heard that the SE versions of the ATI r just like the MXs for Nvidia.... so could someone clear this for me?....

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    Default Re: ATI Radeon™ 9600 SE?

    The 9600SE uses a 64-bit memory bus, as opposed to the regular 9600, 9600Pro, and 9600XT's which run a 128-bit memory bus. This makes the 9600SE's performance about that of a 9200, but with DirectX 9 hardware. However, since it's castrated, the DX9 ability is more of a sick joke than anything else. If anything, you'd be making a lateral move. It's fine if you're not into FPS gaming or just do some casual gaming, just like the GF4 MX 440.

    In short,

    9600SE = bad for gaming
    9600SE = good for everything else

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    Default Re: ATI Radeon™ 9600 SE?

    I'd say it's just bad period. It isn't enough for gaming, and it's too much for regular office use. At this point, nothing less that a 9550 is acceptable for gaming, and anything that supports 32 bit color is acceptable for everything else.

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