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Thread: VGA Card recommendations, 90-150

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    Post VGA Card recommendations, 90-150

    Hi there,

    Im looking for a new video card, my budget is around 90-150 and my existing videocard is a radeon 9600 (400\500). Ive got a shortlist: Geforce FX5900XT, Geforce 6600GT (when it goes AGP), Geforce 6800LE, Radeon 9800 Pro. Also, image quality matters to me more than raw performance (but i like to play games at 30fps average at least).

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    Default Re: VGA Card recommendations, 90-150

    This maybe of some help to you,
    Just keep in mind that the 6800LE doesn't perform near as well as a plian 6800.

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    Default Re: VGA Card recommendations, 90-150

    I have a leadtek 5900xt, and have been quite happy with it
    I have it easily overclocked to 450/900, but have not tried higher so who knows what the limit is on this thing....
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    Default Re: VGA Card recommendations, 90-150

    The 6600GT, when it goes AGP or the HSI bridge comes out, would be a great choice, depending on the prices. In the U.S., it's not much more for a 6600Gt than a 9800 Pro, and if I remember the numbers correctly, the 6600GT is actually much better than the 9800 Pro in many situations, and at least a little better in most. But U.K. prices could be much different, AFAIK, and I have yet to see the HSI bridge or an AGP version of the 6600GT.

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