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Thread: Differences between 6800 & 6800GT

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    Default Re: Differences between 6800 & 6800GT

    a standard 6800 gets about 9000 in 3dmark 03, a 6800GT gets around 11000

    Edit: the 6800 is around 50-75% faster than a 5950u thanks to its extra pipelines, and better shader capabilities. the 6800GT and Ultra models are over 100% faster
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    Default Re: Differences between 6800 & 6800GT

    Quote Originally Posted by Radicus
    one more question, how does a 6800 compare to a 5950u?
    and does anyone know 3dmark03 scores for a 6800? Im basically looking to compare to my 5700u.
    This link should answer that fairly well,

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    Default Re: Differences between 6800 & 6800GT

    Hey thx for the link wayout44. That helped alot. I think I'd be plenty happy with just a 6800:p They werent kidding when they said doom is optimized for nVidia cards.

    Thx again all!
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