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Thread: Nvidia Geforce 6800GT O/C

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    Default Nvidia Geforce 6800GT O/C

    Hi everybody.

    I signed up for a GeForce drawing: but I don't understand something. It says the card is overclocked. Overclocked out of the box? How? And ... what exactly is that doing to improve the card?

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    Default Re: Nvidia Geforce 6800GT O/C

    Yes it means the chipset is automatically overclocked before you even put it in. This means for safer overclocking and gives a small boost of FPS. max 10 fps, minimum of 4 FPS depending on how much more overclocked it is. Overclocking has become a big deal lately even though it barely imrpoves performance if you only overclock one portion. To get the most out of overclocking you have to overclock everything in order and to it fullest extent before you see any real difference.
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    Default Re: Nvidia Geforce 6800GT O/C

    They don't seem to mention the brand, but BFG offers a board by this name that is indeed overclocked. As a general rule, if you overclock the board it voids the warranty. In the case of BFG, they are confident enough in their product line that they overclock it over default speeds at the factory and set the BIOS to use these higher speeds as the card default.

    Overclocking, as stated above, is nothing more than forcing the video board to run faster than it was meant to be. This generally gives better performance in games at no cost, which is why it is such a popular concept.
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