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Thread: Is this a good video card?

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    Default Re: Is this a good video card?

    The X700 will perform very similair to the 6600 so no it is not a good card. Like I said in your thread in "What Should I buy it may be a good idea to buy a video card off ebay. The 6800 series would be good, but if you do not want to do that the 6600GT would be the mininum I would reccomend for an upgrade.

    As for mobo and CPU definitely go AMD. Intel should not even be an option for a gaming PC. If you want PCI Express wait for the nforce4 AMD motherboards. IUt should not be much longer unti they are finally avilable. You could also save a bit of money since you could buy a 3000+ for a little over $100 (prices change though) and would perform much better then that Intel you picked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sr4470
    Yawgm0th, you do realise he linked to an albatron 6600? Still has 8 pipes, and similar operating speeds to a 9500 Pro, and a more efficient core so i'd expect it to be faster in most situations.
    Confused it with the 6200 in terms of architecture, but it's still fairly slow.

    Anyway, that 6600GT looks good, but I think we've already had the Intel conversation... Just wait for the AMD boards. Sure, the $150+ nF4 SLI models will be nice, but there should be cheaper nF4 Ultra models available very soon that would permit you to keep the price for the CPU and mainboard where you want and still outperform the Intel alternative, not to mention leave you with better upgrading options and provide far superior overclockability, in the vent that you want to overclock (and I can tell you right now that that motherboard won't get you any signifcant OC if it gives you anything at all)

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