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Thread: X700 overclocked

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    Default X700 overclocked

    I overclocked my X700 yesterday. And the results are quite surprising. Here is the mod and speeds:

    Kingwin AWC-1 with VGA water block
    8 x ramsink for memory chips

    Stock engine: 410
    Stock mem: 417

    Engine: 510
    Engine: 450

    I know if I can get better memory cooling I can push mem speed even faster

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    Default Re: X700 overclocked

    That's a somewhat pathetic memory OC, but that's an extremely impressive Core overclock. Even my Sapphire 9800 Pro with an Arctic Cooling VGA SIlencer and Arctic Silver is hard-pressed to get to 410 from 378, with 400 being a more stable and usable voerclock in conjunction with a memory OC. But the memory can go as high as 390 from 338, with 385 as a more stable option after a core OC, and there's nothing on the memory...

    But then it's not that suprising considering you have water cooling. Still, the fact that it can get that high at all shows that it isn't such a bad card.

    What I'm really wondering is why you have one. It's only PCI-E, and no enthusiast gamer in his right mind would have an LGA775 system, and PCI-E socket 939 systems are still a bit away...

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    Default Re: X700 overclocked

    now I changed to omega driver with ati tray tool, I have 510 eng and 520 mem

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