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Thread: 6600GT or 9600XT

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    Default 6600GT or 9600XT

    what should i go with the Nvidia 6600GT or the 9600XT. I believe the 9600XT is in the same price range as the 6600GT, if not can you tell me what ATi card is up to par with the 6600GT and what is the same price?

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    Default Re: 6600GT or 9600XT

    I'll make it simple: 9600XT is clocked at 500\600, 4 pipelines, 128bit. 6600GT is 500\1000 (AGP is only 500\900, but uses the same memory anyway), 8 pipelines, 128bit. Even the 9800XT has trouble keeping up with a 6600GT in most games

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    Default Re: 6600GT or 9600XT

    Ditto. 6600gt definitly.
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    Default Re: 6600GT or 9600XT

    Never thought I would see this question, ever.
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    Default Re: 6600GT or 9600XT

    They aren't in the same price range. The 6600GT kind of comes close in PCI-E version, but that's irrelevant as the 9600XT is only an AGP card.

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