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Thread: Geforce Fx5200 256DDR PCI

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    Default Geforce Fx5200 256DDR PCI

    Hey I just upgraded my Geforce4 MMX400 to the Geforce FX5200 256 PCI(low budget). I got no performance gain at all. It seems I actually lost performance. I've upgraded every driver on my comp included the nvidia ones, I tried 3rd party drivers, I uninstalled them all with drivercleaner. I also updates my bios and chipsets. I can only run doom3 at like LOW settings with lots of lag.

    Could it be the fact that I have a Asus P4SD-LA? It doesn't support AGP aperature size settings in the BIOS. So I am running my 256mg Card at 64mg aperature size. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


    P4 2.6GHZ/Hyperthread
    512 DDR ram
    Geforce FX5200 256DDR PCI
    Windows XP

    120GB HD

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    Default Re: Geforce Fx5200 256DDR PCI

    Firstly the Geforce 4 MX is faster than an FX5200. Secondly, you bought a PCI card which severely impacts performance. The only problem is the video card, your system is fine. I suggest you get a decent AGP card, such as the radeon 9550\9600 and you'll see noticable improvement, although if you have more money an AGP 6600GT would be good.

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    Default Re: Geforce Fx5200 256DDR PCI

    Also note that the FX5200 is a previous generation low end card, so coupled with the newest games, it ain't pretty. Being on the PCI bus doesn't help either, and the 256 MB of memory doesn't even remotely apply in your case. I suggest you return that bottleneck of a card if you can and get the NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT AGP, and if that means saving up for it, then do so. You'll thank yourself later.
    Intel Pentium 4C Northwood 3.0 GHz with 800 MHz FSB and HT processor
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    Default Re: Geforce Fx5200 256DDR PCI

    Quote Originally Posted by DamascusWGP
    Hey I just upgraded my Geforce4 MMX400 to the Geforce FX5200 256 PCI(low budget).
    Do your research more next time. PCI cards are more expensive (provided you have an AGP port, since it's irrelevant next tiem), and that's not exactly what I'd call an upgrade, though that's been established.

    For an actual upgrade, get either a 128-bit (128MB as well, but don't get the two confused) Radeon 9550 or 9600, or a GeForce 6600GT, depending on your budget. If you have to, you might consider a Radeon 9200, but nothing less, and certainly nothing from the nVidia line under a 6600GT. My general recommendation is never buy PCI video cards for gaming, and it clearly applies to this case. Certainly don't get one if AGP is an option, because superior AGP cards are cheaper.

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    Default Re: Geforce Fx5200 256DDR PCI

    If his aperature only goes to 64meg than what good does a 256meg card do? I'm in the same boat with an AGP card.
    My BIOS also only goes to 64

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