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Thread: Dual Monitors on AGP+PCI

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    Angry Dual Monitors on AGP+PCI

    I *did* have this working fine, however, I had a really bad system crash and had to copy the 'system' file from my repair folder into the sys32.

    When I did that, everything was messed up.

    When I boot the pci card from the bios it runs straight into windows on the pci card. The agp monitor flickers and then says 'N0-supported mode'

    When I boot the AGP itself it runs fine and the 'N0-supported mode' does not show. Both of the cards run perfectly attached seperately to either of the two screens it's just when I have them both in and the PCI booting as the initial display that I get problems.

    The AGP is a NVIDIA Gforce 5600 and it's attached to a bog standard 15" tft monitor. The other is a cheap ass Trio32/64 card I had laying about. I have no intention in replacing this card as I had it working fine before and the results were perfect, I just have no bloody idea how I did it.

    This was happening before when I moved house and had to re set up my computer but again I managed to sort the problem yet still I have no clue how.

    Any help on this would be so greatly appreciated as it's driving me crazy!


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    Default Re: Dual Monitors on AGP+PCI

    Just a guess, but maybe your using a resolution setting, refresh rate setting, or other video setting that the card or monitor can't support.
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    Default Re: Dual Monitors on AGP+PCI

    The way it worked before the 'no supported mode' thing came up for about 4/5 seconds and then the monitor initiated.

    It's saying 'No-Supported Mode H : 45.0 KHz V: 85.8Hz'

    Which is what it used to say before the dual monitors came on.

    and it can't be a refresh rate or resolution problem as when the monitor is hooked up to the AGP and set to boot of that instead of the pci in the bios
    everything is perfect.
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    Exclamation Re: Dual Monitors on AGP+PCI

    Okay... If I pull out my Gforce and run the on board AGP and the pci together the dual monitors work... whats that all about???

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