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Thread: Suggestions on my DAMNED 6600gt

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    Default Suggestions on my DAMNED 6600gt

    Maybe someone can help me on this. I just built a new computer

    p4 3.0 lga775
    asus p4gdc-v dellux
    1 gig OCZ enhanced latency dual channel 3200 2-3-2-6
    leadtek geforce 6600gt pci-E
    Antec 550 W psu

    and my gaming SUCKS. I barely get 60 fps in CS on 1024x768 AA off
    Ive tried tweaking CS not much help. Im starting to regret spendin money on this card. I cant really see how this would be my processor bottlenecking, I know that p4 aint the best for gaming but comeon. Anyeone have any ideas on tweaking this bad moy let me know. Any Suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Suggestions on my DAMNED 6600gt

    you could try coolbits/riva tunner and up the core and memory clock speeds see if that helps - just dont put it to high only move in small increments of say 3-5mhz at time and test.
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    Default Re: Suggestions on my DAMNED 6600gt

    What drivers are you using? Also make sure CS is running in direct3d or opengl.

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    Default Re: Suggestions on my DAMNED 6600gt

    Look to me like you just didn't install drivers properly. That or you have a rediculous amount of background applications.

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