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Thread: Setting the AGP speed!

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    Default Setting the AGP speed!

    Ok dudes heres the situation!
    I wanna change the AGP speed but i cant find where to do it in the BIOS!
    The GFX card is an Nvidia FX5700LE


    Board: ASUSTek Computer Inc. P4SD-VL To be filled by O.E.M.
    Serial Number: To be filled by O.E.M.
    Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
    BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 1004 02/09/200

    The Computer is a Sony Vaio!

    Serious Help needed! i just bought this card to replace my crappy Radeon 9200 and im gettin less FPS wiv the FX5700 then the 9200!

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    Default Re: Setting the AGP speed!

    Why would you want to in the first place?
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    Default Re: Setting the AGP speed!

    Cause im gettin better FPS wiv my 9200 then my FX5700!

    Wot else do u suggest?

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    Default Re: Setting the AGP speed!

    Return your 5700 and get a better card?

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    Default Re: Setting the AGP speed!

    Considering they're both 4x parts, it shouldn't matter. Chances are, you didn't uninstall the previous drivers properly or install the newer ones properly. Make sure you uninstall all of your current graphics drivers via Control Panel > Add\Remove programs and then reinstall with the latest drivers from (NOT with the ones that came with the card).

    Or do what Asian said. A 5700 is almost always a terrible choice, unless you get it used and extremely cheap.

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    Default Re: Setting the AGP speed!

    A 5700LE is an 8x agp card but that setting prolly won't make much of a difference. As has already been said: be sure to remove the old drivers. The 5700LE version may not be much better than your previous card (LE = Lite Edition). If you had bought a regular FX5700 or the FX5700Ultra then you would have a much better card.
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