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Thread: Is this forum dead?

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    Default Is this forum dead?

    It sure seeems like it.
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    Default Re: Is this forum dead?

    Not to my knowledge but I've been gone for a week. Gotta love those schools that are paid for by the employer. =)
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    Default Re: Is this forum dead?

    its not as active as it once was

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    Default Re: Is this forum dead?

    I think that it might be. I've been looking forward to an answer regarding my videocard choice dilema, i only have another few days to decide which one, and no one has posted any help for the past week now, The only reply on my thread is my own.

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    Default Re: Is this forum dead?

    You've now drawn my attention to that thread via this one. Thats what u wanted right? Its kind of ironic that a thread talking about the forums being dead is more active than a genuine hardware related one like that. I think a major problem is that now by default only the threads active in the last 1 day show, its a pain to adjust it each time in order to see if there are any more threads wanting attention, most of us don't bother i think unless its us than need help. This forum is just not active enough for the 1 day rule to work, its got to be changed.

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    Default Re: Is this forum dead?

    Just change the one day display thing in your profile.

    And try a different forum that's active..

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