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Thread: What route to take with upgrade?

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    Default Re: What route to take with upgrade?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wraith556
    Yawgm0th, I have the ASUS V9999TD 6800 card. It works fine. I double-checked the specs on the sellers site, and at ASUS as well. The card was benchmarked and compared again the results at Dan's Data.
    I think you've misunderstood me.

    Asus cards don't sue the specs they're supposed to. Any Asus card you buy will still use the advertised specs, and should still run just as well as the other Asus cards.

    The Asus V9999GT/TD has a memory clock speed 300MHz lower than a normal 6800GT and it's the only 128MB 6800GT. It also costs $100 less than your average 6800GT. They also make a version of the card with the same name that is just a normal 6800GT.

    Asus used to vary from the normal specs even more. At one point the Asus 6800 was more expensive and better than the Asus 6800GT, and neither of them shared specs with any other 6800s or 6800GTs.

    This is why I don't really like Asus as far as video cards go. What they were doing and to a lesser extent still are was very misleading to consumers, especially less knowledgeable ones.

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    Default Re: What route to take with upgrade?

    The card I bought was not sold or advertised as a 6800GT. The specs of the card were the same as the equivalents from Leadtek, Albatron, Gainward, and some other manufacturers. The prices were all within $30 of each other. And the GTs were $250-300 more (good stuff is expensive downunder). I decided to go with a known tier-1 manufacturer. Some friends bought some "unknown" brand video cards before and had big problems caused by shoddy manufacturing. They ended up paying the difference and exchanging them for cards made by major producers.

    The model number of the card I bought is V9999TD. It was not promoted as a GT-class product. I knew there was a difference in the clock-speeds, but with real-world usage and the price-performance ratio, I did not think the GTs were worth the extra money, especially with the CPU I am using. The 6800 offered about 80+% performance of the GT/Ultra, for two-thirds of the cost. This ratio holds with the results from Tom's Hardware, Anantech, X-bit labs, etc at normal screen resolutions (1024x768 & 1280x1024). Anything higher and screen refresh rate gives me migraines.

    End result, I'm happy with the card. It works fine. Games play well and look great. ASUS do have some issues with model naming and marketing. And their online support absolutely sucks, which is a shame because their products always receive good reviews. The online support issue is why I'm using Gigabyte nForce2pro mainboards instead of ASUS but that is another story.

    Moral of the story: Always research the product and know what you are buying before you part with your cash.

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