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Thread: GeForce 5700LE Optima help

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    Default GeForce 5700LE Optima help

    I got this card a while ago. It's in with my AMD Athalon 3200XP, 1 gig ddr2700, Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo. Stock cooling on the card, Thermaltake Silent Tower on the cpu and A Thermaltake Xaser III chassis. I have temp controls all over the place and nothing is overheating. The problem I'm having is not being able to overclock the card very much. If I bring it up past 300core/500mem it gets all whack. Even when it's clocked normal I experience sytem crashes and restarts. Is this more likely to be a ram problem, a mobo problem, or a cpu problem? Any input from everyone would be nice. I've been working on this issue for like a year now and can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Another thing I would like to do is clock my vga a little higher. Any way I can do this?

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    Default Re: GeForce 5700LE Optima help

    Swap the video card for another (buy or borrow, etc) and see how the system performs. MX440, MX4000, FX5200s are very cheap and it's always good to have a spare or two for testing. If it still crashes, then it's something else. The "something else" could be anything from OS issues to iffy RAM modules.

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