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Thread: Unlocking 6800

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    Default Unlocking 6800

    Found this article on the net yesterday:

    I wondered if it was worth it and what would the performance gain be? In short, about 5-12%. In real-world terms, unnoticeable to barely noticeable. Is it worth it? Only if you are concerned about wringing out every last benchmark point and FPS possible. Otherwise, the stock cards still perform fine.

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    Default Re: Unlocking 6800

    Anything that has the ability of rasing performance 10% or more is worth the effort as long as you are comfortable with the procedure used for the mod.
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    Default Re: Unlocking 6800

    I just unlocked the 4th quad. Working flawlessly and scored 4453 on 3Dmark05.
    Main RiG:
    CPU: Athlon 64 [email protected]
    Mobo:Asus KT8V deluxe
    Ram:1Gig Corasair XMS PC-3200
    AGP: eVga GeForce 6800
    Case:Antec SLB
    HDD:Maxtor 80Gig 8mb
    PSU:Antec TRUE380

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    Default Re: Unlocking 6800

    I guess that article is right, but these guys are using 4xaa with 8xfsaa, it makes a difference for me since i only use 2xfsaa and 8xfsaa.
    Motherboard- DFI lanparty 250gb UT
    Cpu- amd 64 3200 oc @ 2.1ghz
    Ram- 1gb(512x2) corsair XMS
    Video Card- Evga 6800 (unlocked shader and oc @375/780)

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