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Thread: HELP!!! Weird artifacts in games

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    Default Re: HELP!!! Weird artifacts in games

    Quote Originally Posted by Eaglee
    A few more noob questions...

    If it's not making contact why can't I just screw it back in?

    Why do I have to put arctic silver on?

    How exactly do you properly remove the heatsink, put the arctic silver on, and put the hsf back on?

    Do I have to use arctic silver or can I use any thermal compund? For example, I saw some kind of Antec compound (never knew they made compounds), is that good enough?
    If something comes loose such as a HSF it always typically a good practice to remove it and clean it all up and apply new thermal compund. It is best to put Arctic Silver on because it is about the best thermal compound there is. You have to have it there between the HSF and GPU or it will get too hot all the time, also, do not get the knockoffs, they are nowhere near as good.

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    Default Re: HELP!!! Weird artifacts in games

    Buy the NV5 silencer from
    Motherboard- DFI lanparty 250gb UT
    Cpu- amd 64 3200 oc @ 2.1ghz
    Ram- 1gb(512x2) corsair XMS
    Video Card- Evga 6800 (unlocked shader and oc @375/780)

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    Default Re: HELP!!! Weird artifacts in games

    Well the NV5 won't do him a lot of good, seeing that he has a Radeon 9800 Pro, and I wouldn't recommend Xoxide unless it has something you can't get at Newegg, which it does, but the Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer line is not one of them.

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