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Thread: evga6800gt & bfg7800gtx in sli?

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    Default evga6800gt & bfg7800gtx in sli?

    i just recently bought a BFG 7800gtx(pci-e), and was wondering what if i hook up my old EVGA 6800gt(pci-e) with the 7800? i know that it says in the card's manual that it only supports 2 of the same kinds. but i know was reading somewhere in this forum that this guy had hooked up 2 different sli cards and it worked.

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    Default Re: evga6800gt & bfg7800gtx in sli?

    As far as I know, only certain ATI boards using the new Crossfire platform have this capability.
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    Default Re: evga6800gt & bfg7800gtx in sli?

    I remember reading somewhere that Nvidia was working on some drivers that would allow two diffrent card to work together, but I dont believe it would allow you to use a 6800 and a 7800.

    I believe the idea is to link two 6800 series cards together, eg. 6800N and 6800GT, or 7800GT and 7800GTX.

    Or more likely, same model and diffrent brand cards. eg. BFG 6800GT + eVGA 6800GT.
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    Default Re: evga6800gt & bfg7800gtx in sli?

    I'd heard it was only going to allow different brand cards, not even different types. I'm not sure about that, though. Can't say I care either (nor about Crossfire). There's not much point in SLI/Crossfire except for top-of-the-line systems, and even then there's not much.

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    Default Re: evga6800gt & bfg7800gtx in sli?

    According to an artical on page 22 of P.C. gaming Hardware expiring on Dec 6, 2005, you need the exact same geforce card from the same manufacture for SLI. Plans for different Nvidia manufacture brand cards will work through a driver update, but it didn't say when the driver was going to be released.

    On the other side of the high end graphics industry, ATI will be coming out with Crossfire to compete with Nvidias SLI technology and you will have to have a mainboard with a Radeon Xpress 200 chipset to use crossfire. And unlike nVidia's SLI solution,ATI's solution (Crossfire) will enable you to mix and match a variety of Radeon-series video cards within limits. Unfortunatly if you connect two different cards together you'll end up with the lowest of the 2 cards framebuffers and if one card has more pixel pipelines than the other the extra pipelines on the higher end card with shut down.
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