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Thread: BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

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    Default BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

    Hello everyone. I am having issues with BF2. Looking for support and ran across your forum. I am running a ATI X700 Pro, 1G of DDR ram on Dual channel motherboard and AMD 64 3500+. Sound is realtec on board. I have searched far and wide, even EA tech support could not help. This game installs perfectly, even tried different copy of the game. The issue is that when I load a map it always kicks me back to the desktop at 46% everytime!! My ATI drivers are updated, not used to having on board sound, so im not sure if thats an issue. If anyone else out their has had a similar issue or any suggestions let me know. There is never any error, it just kicks me right back to the desktop each time.


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    Default Re: BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

    I've had a similar problem with BF:V. I would be playing, or in your case loading a map, and the game would crash back to the desktop. It only did it on a certain computer though. It wasn't the graphics card either. I'm pretty sure it was my ram. I had some pretty cheap "value" ram, running 1 gig dual channel. I never did find out but when I replaced the motherboard, cpu, and ram I never had that problem again. So with my experiences, I would say the game is crashing due to a hardware fault. Try switching out your parts with some other ones one at a time, if you have extras. Use friends if possible.

    I'm still almost 100% sure it was my cheap ram.

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    Default Re: BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

    I had an ATI X700 Pro in one of my systems and never had a problem with BF2. It sounds more like youre problem lies elsewhere to me.

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    Default Re: BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

    The problem is the ram, i had the same problem and my specs are [email protected] p4c, 2x512 corsair 3200ll, geforce 6800 etc. When i had it at 3.6, bf2 would crash to the desktop or just freeze up then crash to the desktop. I fixed mine by going back to 3.5 but i dont kno how to fix yours.

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    Default Re: BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

    Sounds like an OS and/or RAM problem to me, try some other RAM if you have any or borrow from a friend for a day if possable.
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    Default Re: BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

    I have a similar setup as Nickal's (AMD 3500, 1 gig of RAM, ATI x700 video card, ECS KN1 Lite [I know, I know, ECS is usually bad--and still might be], Powmax 400 Watt [email protected]), but I'm not getting dumped to the desktop, my machine just freezes. I can usually play for about 30-45 minutes, then ZOT! My only option is to hit the infamous reset button. Doesn't happen in "Brothers In Arms" or "Star Wars Battlefront", just BF2. I can sometimes even successfully log out of BF2 and get to the desktop before The Big Freeze occurs.

    I'm leaning towards a heat issue with the video card or funky RAM. Thought it might be my Creative Labs 24bit external soundcard (I've been reading the nForce chipsets are kind of flaky with USB, but I haven't been able to confirm it), but I can disconnect it and uninstall the drivers for it and still have the same thing happen.

    All of my drivers are up to date (including the nForce stuff).

    I have a spare hard drive and will reinstall everything fresh this weekend to make sure I didn't do something stupid while setting everything up. I guess it wouldn't frustrate me so much if it happened during other games, but it's just BF2.

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    Default Re: BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by ladmo70
    I have a similar setup as Nickal's (AMD 3500, 1 gig of RAM, ATI x700 video card, ECS KN1 Lite [I know, I know, ECS is usually bad--and still might be]
    ECS is one of the most reliable board producers out there. It's right up there with Intel and Foxconn. Until recently there weren't many good ECS offerings for the enthusiast, but the brand itself was fine.
    Quote Originally Posted by ladmo70
    Powmax 400 Watt
    Here's your problem. That's not a sufficient power supply nor a very good brand.

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    Default Re: BF2 and the ATI X700 Pro

    x700,s dont run bf2 above 1024x768 settings floored not matter what pc specs u have surrounding that low level card.bf2 commands x1600xt-x1900xtx,6800gt-7900gtx cards.2 gigs ram minmum , x700 is good for quake4 low settings,bf2 low settings.or quake3 hi settings..kid down the street had 1...sad card,even lent him my 4 gigs ocz platium ram 1 day to test.i told him why do u think the card is so cheap?,yet u except so much?...needless to say he now runs a 6800ultra at 1280x760 floored and happy.

    btw dude a x700 is a 9700 core and tweaked out\gpu\mem\in a pci ex interface

    im really shocked ppl dont know these facts before there buying these low end cards??????????? shame

    comp specs-----railmeats box =0

    amd 64 3700(san diego) swiftech helicoil hetsink

    dfi ultra d sli mobo

    4 gigs ocz platium 3200 at 1:1 cas 2-3-2-7(t2)

    (2) 36 gig western digital 10k raptors in raid 0

    xfi extremusic

    ocz powerstream 520 p\s

    bfg 7900gtx512 cant wait to sli em =0 3dmark05 5,120 3dmark06 10,240

    plextor 52x32x52 cdrw

    klipsch ultra speakers

    logitech mx-500

    sennheiser hd 570,s

    22inch mitsubishi diamd plus 200 crt flat(runs bf2 at 1800x1440 @75hz,16x aa,8x af,supersampling enabled screaming 85 fps like pure butter)

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