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Thread: Overclocking video card?

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    Default Overclocking video card?

    Is it possible, and does anyone have any insight to dual SLI video cards, and any software that will allow me to truly harness its power outside of Nvidia's SLI software?

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    Default Re: Overclocking video card?

    It's quite possible. Use ATI Tool for Radeons and either Rivatuner or the Coolbits registry hack for nVidia.

    Dual video cards are generally useless for anything except top-of-the-line systems. They're not worth considering unless you've got a lot of money burning through your pockets.

    Just use the nVidia drivers for SLI. There's no other software that I know of (well, maybe Omegas, but they're third-party drivers based on the first-party drivers), and if there is it's probably worse.

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    Default Re: Overclocking video card?

    I use Coolbits.

    Get an Asus A8n32-SLI mobo to run the VGAs in x16 mode.

    That'd be your best bet.

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    Default Re: Overclocking video card?

    Nvidia's drivers and software are the best thing to use for SLI cards. As Yawgmoth says, you need a really high end system to take any advantage of them. I was running SLI and it barely boosted my scores and gaming. THey create alot of heat, and they make you entire system run hotter. ANd do not forget to get a high power power supply, it is mandatory. Skip SLI and get either a 7800GTX or X1800XT and you will be blown away.
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    Default Re: Overclocking video card?

    The new version of ATITool will OC 2x nVidia cards in SLI.
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