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x1600s are 9600xts with pci-ex interface and diff mem,9600xts suked ...x1600xt are pci ex version u tell me?
X1600s are not 9600XTs in any way, shape, or form. They use a very different core (which is also a different size) and have considerably better performance On top of that, 9600XTs didn't stuck, and still don't stuck. It was easily the best mid-range card of its time and it's still a suitable entry-level card. As for the X1600XT, it's a good card, though I'd say it's best to get a 6800GS for the small premium.

Yeah ATI cards are a little cheaper in Canada, because ATI is Canadian. And they dont have to ship them over the boarder, which costs money. Howerver, I could never find myself buying an ATI card, not the current generations anyway.[/quote]Both nVidia and ATI (even the built-by-ATI cards, which are actually built by Sapphire) cards are manufactured in Asia, so what exactly are you referring to?