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Thread: New released VC's what do I do?!!!

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    Oct 2005

    Default New released VC's what do I do?!!!

    Is it worth it to sell a 7800gtx to upgrade to any of these? They all
    support 2560 x 1600 resolution and hdtv compatible!
    xfx geforce 7900gt or gtx: probably best card out there
    xfx geforce 7600GT: similar to above only not quite as good and less
    expensive, i have 2 systems now, maybe for the other?

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    Oct 2005
    cumbria, UK

    Default Re: New released VC's what do I do?!!!

    if youre not gonna use these features, no. you got an incredible card already, why burn on a new one?
    System Specs:
    AMD athlon 64 3200 venice @ 2.4ghz
    Asrock Dual-939SATA2
    Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 chip r430 @ 480mhz core/540mhz mem with 1.6v vcore
    1gb Corsair XMS TwinX PC3200 timings 2-3-3-6 at 400mhz
    250gb Hitatchi deskstar T7K500 SATAII disk
    160gb samsung spinpoint PATA disk
    Asus 1608P2 DVD+/-RW Dual Layer
    Unbranded 500W PSU single 17A rail
    Innovatek and Asetek Watercooling (triple fan radiator)

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    Default Re: New released VC's what do I do?!!!

    Well, my friend is wiling to give me a pretty good amount for it and I am kinda a spoiled, always upgrading type. Thanks though

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    Default Re: New released VC's what do I do?!!!

    The 7900GTX would be a decent upgrade and costs around what you may have paid for your 7800. The clocks are 650/1600 vs 430/1300. There are many overclocked cards that come running 690/1750 but some people are having problems with artifacts after playing for an hour or so (obvious heat buildup)
    I get ~9200 in 3dmark '05 with my overclocked (still on air) 7800GTX, the 7900GTXs are getting just over 10k. So for me (and you if you overclock), it's not a worthy upgrade at this point, maybe I'll spring for the next gen Nvidia card. However, if someone was offering me top dollar for my 7800, I'd probably go ahead and do it.

    What I don't understand is how my '05 score can jump about 1200 with just 50 more mhz, yet the 7900, with its 150+mhz on top of me, can only get another 1000-1200.

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    pa usa

    Default Re: New released VC's what do I do?!!!

    sell that 7800gtx now!!,the 7900gtx is beasting my computer apart.....
    3dmark05=5,200 06=10,120

    comp specs-----railmeats box =0

    amd 64 3700(san diego) swiftech helicoil hetsink

    dfi ultra d sli mobo

    4 gigs ocz platium 3200 at 1:1 cas 2-3-2-7(t2)

    (2) 36 gig western digital 10k raptors in raid 0

    xfi extremusic

    ocz powerstream 520 p\s

    bfg 7900gtx512 cant wait tosli em =0 3dmark05 5,120 3dmark06 10,240

    plextor 52x32x52 cdrw

    klipsch ultra speakers

    logitech mx-500

    sennheiser hd 570,s

    22inch mitsubishi diamd plus 200 crt flat(runs bf2 at 1800x1440 @75hz,16x aa,8x af,supersampling enabled screaming 85 fps like pure butter)

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