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Thread: Hardware question

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    Default Hardware question

    I've a Radeon X800XT PE AGP version, and my pc has a watercooling kit, which leaked...right on the graphic card, precisely very near the AGP bus...
    So, my pc started crashing randomly until I discovered this leakage problem. So I removed the gfx card, dried the pc and the card, also the agp connector. But what is very strange now is that my gfx card has a new PCI-ID !! some bit are forced to 1 in the I removed the card and dried it in an oven for some hours, hoping to evaporate the remaining liquid left under some component, but it didnt change anything.
    I plugged an other gfx card and checked its pci-id and it was correct so it's not a problem on agp bus.
    I tried to clean the agp connector of the gfx card by scratching the seemingly oxyded connection and cleaning with alcohool to remove any grease but nothing do, the card still show a new wrong pci-id.
    I tried to redo some of the soldering on some of the component (resistor/capacitor) who had some liquid on them, but still no changes...
    So, my question is: does anyone know where is encoded the pci id on an ati card ? (BTW: The firmware encoded pci-id is the right one...)
    Apart from this, the card works well...

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    Default Re: Hardware question

    Well, if the card is 100% operational, I'd honestly not give it much more thought. Once you get any damage from water it is almost irreversable. I would just say a prayer to the hardware gods for not taking your card and hope for the best. I had an X850 XT PE and it too got wet 2-3 times before it died from unrelated issues. They seem to be really tough cards.
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    Default Re: Hardware question

    hehe fun with water....

    could it be the bios? you could always try flashing a new one and see if it works, if your that bothered
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    The only trouble I have now is when I want to upgrade the driver, the ATI installer doesnt recognize the card and just quit. So I have to manually install the driver for each component (1st vga, 2nd vga, vivo, etc...), its a bit annoying...
    I was considering this option but Im a bit reluctant to try it because of the weird state of my card...arf, I should give it a try...maybe...

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