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Thread: FXF 7950 GT Problem - HELP Please

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    Default FXF 7950 GT Problem - HELP Please

    Just finished a build and everything seems fine except for video - the computer doesnt want to recognize the 7950. Drivers seemed to install OK. Only VGA output - Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 MB, 2 gig Corsair XMS, Intel E6600.

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    Default Re: FXF 7950 GT Problem - HELP Please

    I haven't played with nVidia for a while, but here are some things to check real quick...

    - Fresh build, fresh install of Windows also? If not then make sure to remove the old drivers.

    - Does nVidia require SP2 or DirectX to be installed before the driver installation?

    - Can you see the video card under Device Manager? If not then either the card if faulty or not seated properly.

    - Make sure you have the BIOS set to read the video card... shouldn't be a problem since you are at least getting a VGA display, but just something to check off the list.
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    Default Re: FXF 7950 GT Problem - HELP Please

    and maybe you need to update the BIOS
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    Default Re: FXF 7950 GT Problem - HELP Please

    Well - checked everything. Reformatted drive (hour long process) - updated my copy of XP including SP2 and DirX. Computer sees the card in the device manager - but, refuses to a complete install of drivers. I do believe I have a hardware failure - video output from jack #1 (currently using jack #2) on 7950 doesn't work at all (no VGA - monitor saus 'input out of range') - also, during post, I am getting strange vertical lines until Windows actually finishes loading. Btw, I also reflashed my bios with the latest version. I just want to be sure I blame the correct piece of hardware - perhaps I should buy a cheap video card just to see if it's that or memory or a bad MB. Any suggestions regarding how to narrow the problem?? Btw, chip set drivers loaded fine. As always, TIA!

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