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Thread: Ques about psu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chisholm
    also, if your are getting a new gf4 i suggest u get a leadtek....they are about the same price...if not cheaper if u look around....and overl**** much better:afro:
    No way...go for an X-Micro.....the ti4600 can be found for $720!!!!!!! They are good quality and have good overclockability, unlike most other cheaper brands
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    lol yea actually get x-micro ppl! i actually wanted to get one but the onli store that had them in autralia was temporally closed bcos the owners were on holiday....

    isn't the easiest way to check if your power supply is coping ok is the voltage? i thought if the power supply is having porblems getting across reliable power the voltages would sag:afro:

    hmmm does this mean that your psu could be causing you trouble even if the voltages aren't particularly low?

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    The actual sag will effect the wattage 1st before it will effect the voltage and that why AMD list the total combined wattage across the 3.3v and 5v rails for most PSU's as you could have 4.96v @ 30w on the 5v rail and be ok and the same voltage (or more) but @ only 20w maybe a no goer and the same goes for the other rails. :smokin:
    Gee now look at that, a listing for 2200+ CPU's, though there's nothin' in there yet. :devil:

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    Yessir, PSU's are rated according to Watts.
    Therefor Voltage is only 1 part of the equation as Volts X Amps = Watts.

    So's you have to have a reading of both to determine if your PSU is performing as it should.
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