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Thread: 3d mark 06 score is this good?

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    Default 3d mark 06 score is this good?

    I got 9193 over clocking my system. I was getting 7700 before i oced then i oced it and got 9139.
    I was just wondering also if these temps are good
    Gpu:64 c
    cpu:45 c
    Am2 fx-62 oced to 2.93
    1 7950 gx2 620/740 i have two but vista ultimate doesnt support quad sli
    300 gig sata2
    m2n32sli-deluxe hopefully a physxs card

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    Default Re: 3d mark 06 score is this good?

    Not too sure what those GPU's should be scoring but thats a good score overall, with a very nice overclocked bonus!
    Are those idle or load temps? My OCed 3800+ never goes over 50C at load and my x1950pro rarely goes above 50C as well(those accelero's aint too shabby). The 7950gx2 is a hot running card though so i would keep that in mind.
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    Default Re: 3d mark 06 score is this good?

    No dude those are idle temps. BUt atleast i know iam getting good scores now THanks

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    Default Re: 3d mark 06 score is this good?

    The FX series was always hotter running than the rest of the range, so those temperatures are well within range, especially for an overclocked CPU. Although some load temperatures would be nice.
    The GPU temperatures are perfectly fine too, aain, especially for some overclocked cards. As long as it doesn't reach the stupidly high temperatures, like 100*c (my old oc'd and modded 6600 used) and start artifacting, then you know they're fine at those temperatures.
    9193 in 3DM06 is probably a very high score. If it was 3DM05, thenI'd be able to compare, but I haven't been too bothered with benching in the 06 version yet.

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