GIGABYTE AP128D-H3 3D Video-In Graphics Accelerator powered by ATi Radeon 8500XT

Taipei, Taiwan, 10th MAY 2002 - Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Today announces its limited edition for AP128D-H3 graphics accelerators, powered by ATi・s High-End Radeon 8500 XT graphics processors, provide a high performance 300/300 MHz core and memory clock with Video-In function to the enthusiast graphics market.

Featuring ATi・s the latest :TRUFORM" and :SMART SHEADER; technology, Gigabyte AP128D-H3 graphics accelerators provides powerful 3D performance for gaming. Shipping with 128MB DDR SDRAM onboard memory, AP128D-H3 graphics accelerators offer an excellent 3D quality for gaming and 3D applications.

SMARTSHADER technology brings a new level of graphical effects to personal computers. It allows software developers to use techniques that, until recently, were only available to the creators of non-interactive computer generated movies and special effects, and bring them to interactive computer games, the world wide web, and digital content creation applications.

In addition to the outstanding graphics capabilities, AP128D-H3 also provide a complete support for Video-In function to home users to editing video clip, through a TV / Video connector cable. This cable includes S-Video and RCA connector in one, therefore no converters are required.

Your Own V-Tuner - Not only for a good Graphic card, Gigabyte also provides a good utility, V-Tuner, for AP128D-H3. V-Tuner is a smart tool for monitoring fan speed, temperature, core/memory clock and voltage. In the other hand, V-Tuner is a superior utility for system performance. It can tune up fan speed and core/memory clock.

Various Value-added Games and Software Bundled
We believed that one of the graphics accelerator main functions is attempting to support various 3D games to its maximum performance. For this reason, AP128D-H3 graphics accelerator bundles up to six various games to its retail package. For the DVD playback and video-in function, AP128D-H3 also bundles :Power DVD XP; and :Power Director 2.0;, so that users don・t need to pay extra cost to get the software for DVD playback and video editing.

Gigabyte AP128D-H3 is definitely trustworthy in terms of the most complete range of 3D gaming solutions and unparalleled cost-effective performance. For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Jason Han
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone : 886-2-89124888
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