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Thread: ATI HD4800 Series?? really confused..

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    Default ATI HD4800 Series?? really confused..

    Hey guyz, just joined the forum, looks great and looking forward to get to know you all..

    So im having a bit of a problem or you could say confused, see im planning to get me an ATI HD4800 series card but don't know which one, Ive got three options:

    1- Dual HIS ICQ4 1GB HD4850's (Crossfire) Option 1
    2- Single HIS HD4870 1GB Option 2
    3- Single HIS HD4870X2 2GB Option 3

    if you noticed all of them are HIS (Just luv there products and the bundle is awesome), so anyways my setup is as followng:

    - Intel C2D E8400 @ stock speed (overclocking it soon)
    - Asus Rampage formula x48
    - Corsair HX620W PSU
    - Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR2 800
    - 2x 320GB WD HDD'z
    - Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro. PCI-E
    - Gigabyte 3DAurora Chassis
    - Acer 22" Wide LCD

    at first i was 90% going for the dual HD4850's 1GB (crossfire) but then after reading some reviews ive read that sometimes crossfire is just an unending headeach but still considering it and just want to take advantage of my second PCI-E slot on my rampage formula (it kinda looks cool too), and then went for the HD4870 1GB heard alot of good stuff about it but finally came the HD4870X2 and blew me away but don't know if my setup can handle it i mean my PSU, Proc. and will fit onto my case just don't know, and btw i game at a resolution of 1680X1050 (it could make a difference or not i don't know), im currently using my 8800GT which is great but after ATI came up with the HD4800 series its definitely worth the change (i had a Radeon 9200 Pro. back in the day and i just loved it).....
    So i would really appreciate your help here and again really great to be part of the TwaekTown Community....


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    Default Re: ATI HD4800 Series?? really confused..

    While having dual video cards may be "cool", it can be a headache at times. A single video card will almost always be better than dual boards, if for no other reason than compatibility and ease of use. While either of the 4870 boards will do well at your desired resolution, even at the high settings, the dual core may run into power issues. Corsair makes a great power supply and the HX series is incredibly stable, but the X2 may stress it out just a bit. Other than that, I don't see anything else in your system that is likely to cause problems.

    With the 4GB memory, I take it you are running Vista?
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    Default Re: ATI HD4800 Series?? really confused..

    If you have the money for it, go for the 4870X2. Good choice on HIS. As Darth said, may want to check on the PSU.

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