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Thread: integrated i810

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    alot of games are bent on requiring a certain amount of ram. Im curious if theres a way to access my integrated chip to change the amount of ram it takes from my dimms?

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    If it is possible (not sure, but I don't think so), then it will be an adjustment that is made from within the BIOS. Be warned, though... The graphics that are inbred into the i810 chipset are very poor and have been since it came into existence. More memory being utilized by it won't make the graphics quality any better.

    I would try to get away from the onboard graphics if possible. If money is the biggest hurdle, then hit up eBay and grab an older card for dirt cheap, but i810 graphics don't do much better then the failed i740 graphics from way back when. Intel may make a great and stable chipset, but their efforts in video have all been absolute failures.
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    On some, not all motherboards with the i810 there is a jumper setting to dissable it freeing up the ram, I use to have a hp with one, i brought a PCI voodoo 3 for it (best PCI card at the time) and seached for years on how to disable it and never found out ho on my HP board.
    But i would recommend giving up on it and buying a PCI graphics crd instead and some more ram to compensate.
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    You can't change the amount of memory at all. The i810 uses dynamic technology that uses however much RAM it needs, up to 11Mb I think. It starts off at POST at either 0.5Mb or 1Mb, then changes up when needed ie in games and running at higher resolutions than 800x600x256colours. Only way you are going to increase your video performance is to add a PCI graphics card into your system.
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    I'm afraid fragman is can't change the amount of RAM that the 810 chipset uses. It uses RAM in direct proportion to how much system RAM you have installed. The more system RAM you have, the more the 810 chipset is going to use for Video RAM. The default is 6MB, but I have seen it go as high as 12MB in a system with 256MB RAM. If I were you I would go with a PCI video card (at least a 16MB Voodoo 3 2000). But, If you still want to use the 810 video, here are the stats for it off of Intel's site:

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    lol yea i'd get away from taht 810 as quick as possible:D
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