zeradul ......im one step ahead of ya. I talked to my friend...one day this week im gonna swap out memory, even maybe video cards( although you must keep in mind that the problem did occur with my old Asus V6800, and i dont think there could possibly be any hardward compatability issues between and ASUS motherboard, and an ASUS video card. Its the same manufacture. ) There are NO ISA slots on the CUSL-2 and No low rent cards.....ive got a Hercules Fortissimo 2 (optical outs to my stereo reciever), And i know thats not the problem, cause the lag happened with my old creative sound card. Ive got the adaptec 29160, but i need that to boot, so i cant exactly pull it to test, ive got some 3com nic, and like 3 open PCI's. The only other thing is the agp.

as far as the PSU, im not sure....its an inwin tower...i got the power with the tower......and that could be the problem too.....i think its only 300w.

No shim...prolly should have gotten one!!! But i dont think thats the problem....ive got a digital thermometer on the cpu...right underneath the heatsink...but not in the way. I dont think ive ever seen my proc go higher than 33*c EVER!...

As far as your friend is concerned, i hope he is running BIOS 1009. thats the latest revsion they came out with for my board. ive heard of problems with 1006......but ive got 512meg...the max for the board (BOOOooooooo) and well.....it works fine with the exception of my mysterious lag problem.

If i find that the board or the memory is in fact the problem, here is my resolution

P4 2.0a
512meg of RIMM 4200 (32-bit 1066 RDAM OWNZ YOU)
Ths tower with a 450w PSU